You know the golden rule of organization: "A place for everything and everything in its place." But for the small stuff that fills in our pockets, purses and sock drawers, that deceptively simple rule falls short. Our solution? The Card Caddy: a dedicated spot for frequent customer cards, business cards, and other useful scraps.

Be it your tenth-latté-free card or your coop member ID, stash all your must-save cards in the Card Caddy where they're accessible to all. Place the caddy by the main phone or another high traffic area. Take a card, use a card, then put it back for next time. Before you know it, your next double mocha really IS free.

People+Places Set
People+Places Cards


Put It Together

1. Gather all the business cards, frequent customer cards and coupons you want to organize.

2. Sort them alphabetically by business name or the person's last name.

3. File items between each People+Places card, placing the business card or punch card in front and any coupons or extra punch cards behind. For cleaner presentation, write the business name on the front of each People+Places card and put the corresponding coupons and cards behind.

4. Grab the caddy for your phone call, lunch run, or planning session, then put it back at Card Central when you're done.