Ladies, don't forgot your man. He can be a big asset to the wedding process if you give him the tools. Arm him with the right materials, and he'll be off and running making calls, getting prices and gathering addresses.

- Field Book
- SmartDate™ Daily Adhesive Notes
- Lamy Pens


Put It Together

1. Have him keep a Field Book with him at all times. Then throughout the day when he grabs a phone number, price quote or an address, he can keep everything in one place, making it easier for the two of you to collect the information later. If your fiancé is a good project manager, give him the 48 page A4 Executive Book.

2. Pens – well, if he has several beautiful ones to carry around, he'll be less likely to say he wasn't able to take down the information!

3. SmartDate™ Daily Adhesive Notes are perfect for those killer days, where many wedding tasks must get done. Give him the day's appointment times and tasks so he can check them off quickly and easily.